Catori Shipping Protection

TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Catori Shipping Protection is part of a third-party provider that ensures protection of your order in case of lost, stolen, or damaged packages. Need to file a claim? Reach out to us via email with your order number at

Lost Orders - 

  • Domestic USA orders are classified lost if the tracking is never marked as delivered. This does NOT  include if the delivery is attempted and fails due to an incorrect address provided on your order.
  • International orders are classified lost if the tracking is never marked as delivered OR arrival in destination country

How many days following the last tracking update should I file my claim?

  • Domestic Orders - 7 Business Days
  • International Orders - 20 Business Days

    Claims for orders lost in-transit must be filed no later than 10 days from the last available tracking update for Domestic USA and 60 days for International Orders.

    Lost in Transit orders does NOT cover packages in which a delivery has been attempted and fails due to an incorrect address, rejection of the package or any other issue beyond the control of both Catori Clothing and DHL/USPS. Coverage is not provided for any mistakes you make on the order which results in the package being undelivered.

Stolen Orders

  • Stolen packages are ONLY covered within the domestic USA
  • Orders are classified as stolen if they've been marked as delivered but have never received the package
  • Claims for stolen orders must be filed 2 days AFTER your order has been marked as delivered and no later than 5 days
  • Orders require a valid police report to process the claim
  • Items purchased using any discount or gift card codes aren't covered if stolen

Damaged Orders

  • If an item arrives damaged or flawed this will be covered by Catori without requiring additional shipping protection
  • Claims for damaged orders must be made within 48 hours of receiving the package and include photo(s) of the damaged items
 Last Updated: 7th June 2021