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Why Catori Clothing?

Catori creates for a new generation of fashion. We believe in the
importance of self expression through individual style, bringing
together a fusion of streetwear & traditional anime design that is
outside the box and isn't confined by traditional norms.

Why? Openness and creativity can change the world.

All of our skateboard clothing and urban streetwear merch is designed to be
gender-neutral. We’ve got it all in the bag with hentai inspired designs, nu-metal,
classic manga graphics and more.
Hop over to our online store to scope out our range — and if you don’t see any anime designs you'd rep, don’t hesitate to give us a shout on wherever you do social
media so we can re-up our stock.

From the late 90s and early 00s, Japanese anime first hit the small screen on late-
night programmes including the classic [adult swim] and Toonami. While at first
these shows held a small and exclusive cult following, their futuristic illustrations
and gripping sci-fi elements soon led to their widespread appreciation in the greater
public. But now 20 years later, appreciation of this genre has become a niche subculture
again. Aside from Akira or Neon Genesis Evangelion, the insane aesthetics and high-
quality narratives of Japanese cartoons are kept on the down-low and for those in
the know.
That’s why streetwear outfits have drawn so strongly from this indie Japanese
subculture. By repping your favourite show or video game, you can low key show
your allegiance to various anime communities and show off the fire graphics at the
same time. Whether your friends have certified otakus or just appreciate a sick fit,
statement anime clothing pieces are sure to start a conversation.
And hey, you might just find a new series to obsess over along the way.

Yeah, we’re a skateboard brand — you know we’re not up in here telling you what
to do and how to wear your new garments.
But before your girlfriend steals your statement hoodie, make sure you grab a pic
for the gram (and tag us, obviously).
Whether you’re going all out weeb or you toss on an anime t-shirt with some ripped black jeans, you’re wearing Catori
so we already know you’re looking straight fire

All items produced by Catori Clothing are printed in premium quality. We know the
feeling of having graphics crackle and fade too well — and we’re not about that single wash and throw. And if you want that broken-in retro look, you can opt for our
signature ‘vintage wash’ for a colour-fast solution.
Based in Los Angeles, we collaborate with individual artists and graphic designers to
ensure make sure your streetwear needs are satisfied (and stay hella fresh).
We also believe that building community begins on the production side. Our urban
streetwear designs – from our popular t-shirts to our sweatshirts and beyond –
are all ethically produced in the USA and we ship in certified sustainable packaging.