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These items use recycled Plastic Bottles & are part of the Better Cotton Initiative for sustainable cotton farming.

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    Looking for your new piece to add to your wardrobe? Catori Clothing has it all from lowkey anime hoodies, skate / streetwear hoodies and popular-culture graphic hoodies. Catori is the #1 place to find the perfect the hoodie! Infused with popular culture and subtle Japanese subculture, we deliver streetwear statement pieces at their very best. Designed in California, we create Japanese-style clothing that suits all interests. All of our pieces are the epitome of creativity and the exploration of self-expression. Find anime designs and unique streetwear apparel at Catori Clothing. Whether you’re looking for anime streetwear sweatshirts or on an oversized graphic t-shirt, we’ve got you covered.

    Taking your look from day to night, Catori Clothing has been designed by real artists who know how important it is to let your unique style let loose. With a range of skateboard hoodies, our range has been designed for the weekend, nights out, and everything in between. New to the Catori clothing world? Check out some of our favourite features that differentiate high-quality manga hoodies from the other guys out there: - Sustainably made: All inks used in the design and manufacturing of each of our Japanese hoodies is water-based to minimise our impact on the environment. - Produced in California: The heart of urban streetwear, we’re made by and designed for locals who want to rep their California pride - Unisex Fit: We take pride in the fluid nature of our streetwear hoodies. Believing that your look shouldn’t be boxed in by cultural norms, we print oversized, high-quality anime clothing so you can take to the streets however you prefer. - Eco-conscious Living: Every shipment sent out from Catori headquarters is sent in compostable packaging because we believe in doing right by our consumers and the earth. Recognising that the actions we take today will shape the planet for the consumers of tomorrow, we’re taking a stand against fast fashion and single-use packaging each and every day

    With over 5000 customers worldwide, we’re made with love in California but ready to ship worldwide. Sending all Catori packages in compostable mailers, our brand is made for the next generation of conscious consumers who take pride in standing out from the crowd. Wondering where our designs come from? Working with real freelance artists, we’re striving to become a marketplace that represents the work of artists from all walks of life. Believing that the most authentic pieces come from those who live, love, and know the brand, every item is a true representation of manga lovers, urban wear livers, and icons who respect the humble beginnings of street and skater wear. Ready to step out in your best look yet? Welcome to Catori Clothing – we’re made by and for the next generation.