Graphic Tees & Anime T-Shirts

    There's graphic tees and then there's Catori streetwear graphic tees. Discover the collection of graphic tees, lowkey anime t-shirts and streetwear inspired designs by Catori Clothing and see why we're #1. Some of our designs even include unique graphic prints infusing minimalistic anime influence with modern Japanese streetwear. Each of our designs are unique, and our larger-than-life pieces are driven by bold, unique graphics making sure that they're fit for any occasion and an essential wardrobe staple. Whether you’re looking for an anime t-shirt for yourself or as a gift, each unisex design pays ode to classic streetwear style by blending pop culture with a fun and contemporary skate aesthetic for a tee that you can wear all year round. We're best known for our unique and original anime t-shirts that are designed by some of the very best artists around using some of the best streetwear t-shirts that you can get your hands on. If you’re looking for premium anime hoodies, anime t-shirts, or anime & graphic sweatshirts, our streetwear brand is the label for you. Pair with your favourite jeans, Catori streetwear hoodie or shorts for a laid back vibe and also check out our range of graphic & anime t-shirts exclusive to Catori. You can also buy now and pay later using AfterPay.

    Instead of turning to commercial brands who don’t value the artists, people, or planet they’re working with, the Catori team makes every effort to do better for our customers and the planet. We believe that fashion is the best way to express yourself and your values to the world--so we’ve brought together everything needed to make that happen in a conscious sort of way. Catori clothing:

  • - Collaborates with local and up-and-coming artists to showcase their work to the community
  • - Uses 100% USA Cotton that is sustanabily sourced
  • - Is redefining anime wear from kitschy to cool and ready for the streets
  • - Manufactures high quality, eco-conscious clothing that breaks away from fast fashion trends
  • - Delivers all packages in compostable packaging to make sure our earth-friendly values align from point A right through to point Z.
  • If you’re wondering how we’re redefining anime and urban fashion, we also:
  • - Design gender-neutral clothing. Every item in the Catori collection is designed to be unisex.
  • - Incorporate over-the-top and larger than life graphics, sayings, mottos, and slogans that have been hand-crafted by our local artists for eye-catching but sophisticated designs.
  • - Manufacture everything from graphic tees to graphic hoodies and sweatshirts so that you can kit out your whole outfit on brand from head to toe.
  • Why wear graphic tees, anime t-shirts or streetwear? Our community is dedicated to push the limits of creativity in all aspects of graphic apparel. From graphic novels to leading caricatures and icons, we want the world to know that we believe in everything aesthetic design and anime has brought to the world--but we want to say it in style. Raising the bar from children’s animation to adult clothing that’s well made and on-trend, we’re making it easier for our community to find street pieces that represent what they like outside of the skater game. Taking it one step further and arming our consumers with eco-sustainable options, we’re proud to represent the current generation of changemakers and make the world a better place for the next. Ready to show the world who you really are? From the weekend to after dark, Catori makes it easier to find your crew. Welcome to Catori Clothing - we’re doing it differently.