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    Discover our latest wardrobe essentials at Catori Clothing now. We have a selection of oversized fits and streetwear style desgins in this selection of standout core essentials across our popular anime sweater collection. Our range of anime sweaters merge elements of urban subculture with original Japanese culture to provide you with streetwear that pushes the envelope of style. With our Premium cotton anime sweatshirts, each creation comes in relaxed fits perfect for all-day wear or to hit the streets. Our skateboard sweatshirts are the pinnacle of minimalist clothing at its very best. Catori Clothing has you sorted. We design and produce high-quality anime sweatshirts, subtle anime hoodies and anime t-shirts with a distinctly modern twist; explore our iconic designs with a disruptive aesthetic online right here.

    For those new to the brand, Catori stands for so much more than your everyday streetwear. Designed for and by authentic manga lovers, we partner with up-and-coming and freelance artists who know the humble beginnings of urban wear and pair it with timeless anime style. Representing a shift in the next generation of fashion, every day we pair eco-conscious consumerism with classic skater style by: - De-gendering our collections: Although we will always offer a few classic men’s and women’s shapes, we prefer a unisex, inclusive cut that lets every customer decide how they want to step out and represent themselves to the world. - Sustainable manufacturing: That incorporates water-based inks and is made locally. - Creating a marketplace: For upcoming artists to showcase their work and connect with their manga loving community who value a different way of doing things. - Compostable Packaging: Delivered worldwide to minimise single-use waste and prevent further landfill creation. Why? Because we’re a committed group of designers who care about the next generation and want to change the way our subculture is seen globally. Coming from humble beginnings, our community believes in self-expression and authentic representation--and what we believe in is urban vibes, manga style, and making things better for the whole world

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