COVID-19 Delays

First and foremost, we would like to deliver a heartfelt wish for you and your loved ones to be safe in this challenging time.  As the situation with corona virus continues to evolve, we will keep this page updated regularly. Current estimated delay - 5 Days 
July 31st, 2020: 
Woohoo 99% of orders from June have now shipped and we've just started shipping almost all orders from the start of July - Mid July! There's about 5 remaining orders from June yet to ship due to low stock and we'll have those out shortly. We're also continuing to upgrade some orders to Champion T-Shirts and Hoodies on a per order basis at no additional cost primarily to reduce demand on our own custom line.
We're also seeing a lot quicker shipping down to roughly 3 weeks. We appreciate everyone's continued support and understanding and can't thank you enough.
July 23rd, 2020: 
Hey Everyone! We're now partnering with a new manufacturer for all future orders to assist with the demand we've received. We're also beginning to use Champion and Carhartt T-Shirts and Hoodies as alternatives to our normal supply of garments as this has been another set back with shipping. What does this mean for you? Depending on your time of order, current demand and item allocation you may receive either our custom t-shirts, Champion T-Shirts or Carthartt T-Shirts. We're still keeping the same quality control you've grown to know and love in regards to our prints. We understand everyone's frustrations as delays grow to 35 - 40 days now prior to shipping and it's definitely not a position we want to be in so we'll continually work at improving it as best we can.
June 18th, 2020:
We've recently introduced DHL Express shipping alongside our traditional USPS shipping at NO additional cost on most existing and future orders. If you currently have an order placed with us we will be endeavor to do our best to upgrade you to the express service for FREE. Order delays are approximately still at around 1 month. We understand how frustrating this is and thank everyone for being patient and understanding during these tough times. If you have any questions or issues please feel free to contact us on Instagram @catoriclothing or via the contact us page on our website.
June 7th, 2020:
We're continuing to experience 2x - 2.5x the normal order volumes. Unfortunately on top of COVID-19 delays/restrictions we're now also competing with looting and curfews being enforced within Los Angeles where all our products are made and shipped from. Unfortunately this has placed further stress and demand on our manufacturing partner with the inability to manufacture during the night as well as the existing COVID-19 restrictions.

We aim to be as transparent as possible and unfortunately we wish we could do more during these times to ensure orders are shipped out rapidly and we can definitely understand your frustration. If you have any questions or issues please feel free to contact us on Instagram @catoriclothing or via the contact us page on our website.
May 7th, 2020:
We're experiencing over 2x the order volume and as a result we're experiencing delays up to 16 - 20 days on top of our standard shipping and processing times (7 days) due to all our items being handmade by a small team in LA.
USPS Shipping Statement -

We have seen only minor delays with US Domestic shipping, but have noticed some extended delays for International orders.
Rest assured we're doing everything we can to have your orders sent out and if you have any questions or issues please feel free to contact us on Instagram @catoriclothing or via the contact us page on our website.